It Takes One Hour To Eat A Canvas, A Day To Digest It



Rontgenbild_imago mundi_10x12cm

X-ray produced at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

“A while ago I realised I had not been fully taking in that which surrounds me. Relationships have been consumed rather than assimilated. In an attempt to understand what this is about, I ate the canvas. I wanted to explore how my own body would react to this foreign artefact. Likewise I wanted to be confronted with the risks that may be contained in making the object a part of my own constitution.“

/”It Takes One Hour To Eat A Canvas, A Day To Digest It.”
Perfomance documented and presented in an exhibition at Venice biennale 2015 and as part of the publication Archive of Visions and Actions, Contemporary Art from Sweden, launched at The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm 2016.

Photographer: Jörgen Lindskog.


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22nd April 2015