Linda Shamma, MFA 

Born 1979 in Enånger

0046 709 399 666


Master of Fine Arts (MFA), 2008-2010, Konstfack University College of Art, Craft and Design, Art in the Public Realm (MFA), Fine Arts dept., Stockholm, Sweden. 120 ECTS.

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Education(B.Ed), 2004-2011, Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design (BA), Stockholm, Sweden. 280 ECTS. 

2013–2014 Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Making Matters, Stockholm, Sweden. Course on advanced level, 15 ECTS.

2012–2013 Royal Institute of Art, Mejan Arc – Art & Architecture: Aspectivity – The History of Seeing and Representation. Sweden/West Bank. Course on advanced level, 30 ECTS.

2012–2013 Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Introduction to artistic research, Stockholm, Sweden. Course on advanced level, 15 ECTS.

2009–2010 Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Artistic research processes. Stockholm, Sweden. Course on advanced level, 15 ECTS.


Teaches and holds courses at Konstfack and Beckmans in Stockholm.

Teaches and holds courses at Konstfack, Beckmans and Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm.

Developing the course Design som medel, Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm.

Collaborationg with The Segerstedt Institute (SI), University of Gothenburg, in project “PRIME: double narratives” in Israel and on the West Bank.

Participates in research project located in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nasareth for Mid Sweden University in Östersund.

Lectures and holds workshop related to the Israeli-Plaestinian conflict, at Difficult conversation: Dialogue through Heritage, conference arranged by Jamtli museum and The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity, Östersund, Sweden.

Lectures at master courses, Design and Art Community at Multi-Disciplinary Art School,Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

2015 -2016
Full time position at HDK; School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg shared with The Department of Conservation at Gothenburg university connected to Critical Heritage Studies (CHS) cluster Curating The City. The work include holding lectures, workshops, seminars, peer reviewing, the development of essay writing and giving critic in art and design courses on BA and MA level. The work have been conducted partly within the programs of Business & Design, Child Culture Design, Textile Art and Crafts and Design at Steneby.

The work covers activities in other of HDK’s commitments such as ways art and de sign practices are related to political issues, especially concerning migration. This holds among other involvement in Global Week: global migration (2015) and research initiative Arts and Politics (2016).

Lectures: Identities in transit positions at Interdisciplinary course at School of Global Studies. University of Gothenburg.

Developing the course On hybridity: Articulating a Practice, Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän.

Opponent at courses at bachelor and master level, Konstfack, Department of Textiles, Stockholm
Lectures: Being part of a negotiation: on how we relate to identities that find themselves in transit position at breakfast seminar, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg.
Debater at Culture Conference arranged for Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (SKL), Umeå.

Developing the master course Language and Material, Konstfack, Stockholm.
Lectures: Intercultural Communication, course at MA level, KTH Royal School of Technology /CSC, Stockholm.
Lectures: Notions of a hybrid at ACSIS conference: On the Move. Norrköping, Sweden.

Lectures: Working with concepts, at courses on artistic research at master and advanced level. Konstfack, Stockholm.
Lectures at Forskarfredag / Association Science & the Public. Stockholm.
Holding workshop, Our inexorable quest on the original form. Collaboration with Frida Hållander, Lund University, Tornblad Institute – Embryo-logical Department, Lund.

Curator, Platform Stockholm, Stockholm.

Participates in public call arranged by Platina Gallery, Jewelry in a political context, on the Israeli-Plaestinian conflict in relation to Art and Design, Stockholm.
Lectures: On hybridity, KONSTLAB in collaboration with Valand Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Gothenburg, Atalante, Gothenburg.

Board of Artistic Development (KU), Konstfack, Stockholm.


2020 Sketch commission for Luleå municipality. New fire station. Ongoing work. 

2020 Sketch commission for Kalmar municipality. Permanent sculptures in concrete and glass. Light design. 

2020 Public art commission for Norrtälje municipality, temporary sculpture. “På resande fot”, glass and stone. 

2020 Public art commission for Norrtälje municipality. Permanent sculptures at Hamnparken, newly built area in Norrtälje. Bronze and steel. 

2020 Public art commission for Vetlanda municipality. Sculpture at Tomasgården retirement home. Sculpture in corten. Light design. 

2020 Sketch commission, public artwork for Norrevo Fastigheter AB in Norrköping. Bronze and glass. 

2020 Sketch commission, public artwork for Lammhults skola. Steel. 

2020 Sketch commission, public artwork for Örebro region, new IT-building. Bronze and glass.

2020 Public art commission for Göteborgs Stad. Permanent sculptures at Skytteskolan indoors. Steel and light design. 

2019 Sketch commission, public artwork for Eskilstuna municipality, at  Skiftinge interchange, bronze. 

2019 Public art commission for Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen in Jordbro, Haninge. Permanent sculpture “Midsommardröm”, bronze and glass. Light design. 

2018 – 2023 Public art commission for Kulturförvaltningen/Stockholm konst. Klockelund, Larsboda Strand. Sculpture in bronze and light design.

2018 Sketch commission, public artwork for Helsingborg municipality. Nya Rydebäcksskolan, stone.

2018-2020 Public art commission for Kristianstad municipality. Permanent sculptures at Arkelstorp and Tvedegård preeschool. “Antarktis”, glass and concrete. Light design.

2017  Sketch commission, Alfhild Agrells torg for Härnösands municipality.

2017 Public art commission for Region Kronoberg, Växjö. Permanent sculpture at Skärvet health center in Växjö. “Gasell”, bronze.

2017 Public art commission for Salem municipality. Permanent sculpture at Rönninge center, Stockholm. “King bird of Paradise”, bronze and concrete.

2017 Public art commission for The Public Art Agency/Statens konstråd Sweden, Stockholm. Permanent sculptures at Stockholm University. “The Savages”, aluminium.

2017 Public art commission for Botkyrka municipality, Stockholm. Permanent sculptures at Vreta preschool. “Five”, aluminium.

2013 Public art commission for Brännkyrka församling / Swedish Church (Svenska kyrkan). Permanent sculpture at Vårfrukyrkan, Fruängen, Stockholm”Mary the Virgin”, glass and concrete.

2012 “Through aperiodic mosaic”, permanent installation at Lerkrogen community center for Brännkyrka compound, Älvsjö, Stockholm

2009 Public art commission for Vasakronan Real Estate. Sculpture at Telefonplan in Stockholm. “Moose in post-formulated state”, fiber plastic.


“Piece of you”, Donation in support of Physicians for Human Rights Israel. Plaster-benefit exhibition. Sep. 14-16 -17, Beit Kandinof Hatzorfim 14, Yaffo, Israel. Curated by Karmit Galili, Vardit Gross, Sandra Weil.

“It Takes One Hour To Eat A Canvas, A Day To Digest It”, Contribution to Imago mundi, the art collection of Luciano Benetton. Exhibited at the Venice Biennale and documented in the publication Archive of Visions and Actions: contemporary Art from Sweden: Fabrica

“I See”, photo series in the exhibition “Seven Sleepers” by Tegen 2 Gallery, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm. April 16 to 19.

“Cherry Blossom”, glass installation, Candyland Gallery, Stockholm. March 7 to 28.

“Nuances”, performed by (r)evolve, sound installation, Uppsala slott (part of Uppsala Kulturnatt) and at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden. September 14. Video installation exhibited at Multicultural center in Fittja, Stockholm. August 15 to August 29.

“Functional silence”, video installation presented at Modern Dance Theater (MDT), arranged by The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, May 23, Multicultural Center in Fittja September 5 to September 29, Vimmerby art community, Varmbadshuset and Malmö July 4 to July 8.

“Bird’s Nest” and “Home ground” exhibited at Studio 44, by project ÄGD, Stockholm Mar. 8 to Apr. 7.

“Through aperiodic mosaic”, shown at Lerkrogen community center in group exhibition arranged by the Swedish Local Heritage Federation and the project ÄGD, Älvsjö, October 20 – October 28. The glass installation was later bought by the Swedish Local Heritage Federation is since there to be seen permanent.

Video documentation on the work OV×OP, living frog, shown at “Hidden Cities & Hybrid Identities” by Art Expo in Rome, Italy, June, 6 – June 8.

“Modus Operandi – studies on forensic narrative”, exhibited at Kvarnen Gallery, Söderhamn, August 20 – September 3.

“Oophaga vicentei × Oophaga pumilio” (OV×OP), living frog, shown at The Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, May 20 – June 7. The work / frog is exhibited at the Multicultural center in Fittja, October 24 to December 21, a video presented at FIA Forum for International Animation in Fittja, September 2 – 4.  On January 1, the animal was donated to the Aquaria Water Museum in Stockholm.

“Homeground”, sculpture exhibited at Liljevalchs Art Hall, Vårsalongen 2010, Stockholm.

“Cultural Tourism”, photo series exhibited at Liljevalchs Art Hall, Vårsalongen, January 30 – March 29.

“Attempt to nuclear physics”, film made in collaboration with writer Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Shown at Kulturhuset, Klarabiografen, Stockholm, January 28.

“On Practice”, performance presented at Show Konstfack in Stockholm.


Assistant fashion photographer Magnus Magnusson, Paris, France.

Second Assistant Director (SAD), Tillfällig fru sökes, Illusion film, Trollhättan, Sweden.

Extras coordinator, Livet är en schlager, Nordisk Film, Stockholm, Sweden.
Assistant Production, En klass för sig, Final Cut Entertainment, Stockholm, Sweden.
Assistant Production, Three short films, Assistant Production, Studio Lagnö, Sweden.

Stage Designer, A-Teens, Rally TV, Stockholm, Sweden.
Assistant Casting and Extras, Spendrups, Atmosfär Production, Stockholm, Sweden.
Assistant Cameraman, Advertisement, United International Pictures, Stockholm, Sweden.
Stillphotographer, Trägudars land, Manus AV-production, Malmö, Sweden.

Lighting assistant, Veranda för en Tenor, Migma Film, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.
Trainee, Animagica, Stockholm, Sweden.
Trainee, Kenny Starfighter, Jarowskij Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden.


2010  Konstfack application on examination rights for Phd. students.

2016  IASPIS, international cultural exchange, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2015  Cape Town Curatorial residency, Cape Town.
2011  The government/Ministry of Culture: one-year work grant, Stockholm.
2011  Innovativ kultur: Two-year work grant, Stockholm.
2011  Konstfack: One-year work grant (KU), Stockholm.
2011  Gävleborgs länskonst, Söderhamn.
2010 The Swedish Order of Freemasons, Fine arts Scholarship, Stockholm.
2004  EU scholarship, six-month work grant, Paris.
2002  The Swedish Film Institute, three-month work grant, Trollhättan.


Publications by myself

“Notions of a hybrid” article published by Linköping University Electronic Press (2014), Paper from the conference On the Move: ACSIS conference 11–13 June, Norrköping, Sweden 2013, organised by the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS).

“Functional silence”, Short essay in the publication Aspectivity: The History of Seeing and Representation, Art & Architecture published by The Royal Institute of Art (2013), Stockholm, Sweden.

“On the Origin Of Oophaga vicentei x Oophaga pumilio”, essay based on the work of breeding a living frog hybrid, published by Linda Shamma: Publit Sweden (2010).

Academic texts on my work

Mangalanayagam, Nina (2015) Living with contradictions: re-reading the representation of hybridity in visual art. Doctoral thesis in philosophy. University of Westminster. London.

Arbouz, Daphne (2011) Spaces of in-between ‘Hybridity’, self-identification and agency of change in personal narratives of non-belonging. Master’s thesis in gender studies. Centre for Gender Studi- es. Lund University.