As a child of parents from different countries, when people ask me where I come from I am always compelled to describe my parents’ origin instead of my own. It led me to wonder whether I am bearing a seemingly unknown problem. By breeding a hybrid, fertile frog and simultaneously writing a diary of reflections in my everyday life, I am exploring hybrid disciplines in an attempt to understand the hybrid concept.

“Oophaga vicentei × Oophaga pumilio” has been followed by the essay “On the Origin OfOophaga vicentei × Oophaga pumilio”, a booklet that highlights reflections on my own mixed origin. The essay is based on my personal observations collected in a process diary written between 28 January and 22 December 2009. Two perspectives are shown here: one based on my attempts to find a new (unnamed) and fertile frog hybrid, and another where hybridity is studied through my own identity.

The book is in Swedish and English and can be purchased at the bookshop Konst-ig, Åsögatan 124, Stockholm.