International Colloquium on creativity, law and human biology, Lund

ART, LIFE AND THE RULE OF LAW is an interdisciplinary scholarly meeting about creativity law and human biology organized by Lund University March 14 to 15 2014.

The colloquium will bring together around twenty scholars from around the world in a dialogue about art and law, each with its inherent tension between rule and creativity, how they shed light on each other, and how they inform our understanding of the facts, politics and aesthetics of human biology, today and in history. Read more about the colloquium at Lund University website or contact Leif Dahlberg, KTH/CSC Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

During the conference, I will give a presentation that is based on project Modus Operandi – studies in forensic narrative. Later in the year, I will also publish an article in the Conference and the theme. For information and applications, see Lund University homepage.