Sculpture of Virgin Mary inagurated in Vårfrukyrkan, Fruängen, Stockholm.

SUNDAY THE FIRST ADVENT 2013 Fruängen got a new element in the public domain. Then was unveiled and welcomed a Maria Sculpture in Vårfrukyrkan. The sculpture is made of blue glass and concrete with a broken light beam structural elements, and is created directly on the existing niche in Vårfrukyrkans belfry.

Even when Vårfrukyrkan was inaugurated the first Advent 2005 there were plans for a decorating niche, a figure or icon of Mary, Jesus’ mother, who also gave the church its name. This interpretation of the Virgin Mary lacks traditional features that are commonly linked to the symbol which aims to open her new reads.

For glass work I have collaborated with Henric Sjölin, founder of Skärså glashytta in Söderhamn. Grinding Work has been done by Simon Kashmir, Småland.

Picture: “Virgin the Mary “in Vårfrukyrkan, Fruängen in Stockholm 2013.