“Notions of a hybrid”, article on the hybrid, hybridity and hybridization published by Linköping University

EVERY OTHER YEAR SINCE 2005, The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) has organised a broad-based cultural studies conference that has brought together scholars in the field from Sweden and abroad. In June 2013 ACSIS held its fifth biennial cultural studies conference.

The theme of the ACSIS Cultural Studies Conference 2013 was On the Move. The conference took place 11-13 June 2013 at the Louis De Geer facilities in central Norrköping. It had four plenary panels and 23 parallel sessions. About 120 researches from Sweden and internationally participated in the conference. More information about the conference is available at Linöping University’s website. Here you can also download the program book.

After the ACSIS conference “On the move” has published some Proceedings at the e-press. In the article I participate with “Notions of a hybrid” I describe the basis of my practice-based research on how the hybrid artistic research can help to highlight emerging issues in areas such as cultural heritage. The publication is to be found at Linköping University website.