Functional silence; artist talk and exhibition

THE VIDEO INSTALLATION Functional silence now appears on Multicultural Centre in Fittja. The work has previously been shown at the Modern Dance Theater in Stockholm (MDT), Folkets hus in Malmo, June 6 to June 30 and Varmhusbadet in Vimmerby July 4 to July 8, 2013. In the work is depicted Israel Palestine conflict from a personal perspective. Dilemmas unfolds on an both inner and outer level. The work reflects on how traditions are constituted in close family relationships and how they are passed on for generations.The exhibition runs between 5 and 29 September 2013.

On the 5th of September at 18:00 held an artist talk will held at the center. Here I will present and discuss some of my works that thematize issues of identity and normality based on the general idea that we have a definite and given origin.

Picture: Performance at Modern Dance Theater 2013. Photo Mario Romero.