(r)evolve inaugurated at the Multicultural Centre

ARTIST GROUP (r)evolve inagurates their work at Multicultural Center in Fittja (MKC) by viewing the video installation “Nuances”. (r)evolve is the first Swedish group of contemporary artists working on the basis of their non-white backgrounds to explore and articulate issues concerning racial experiences. The group (r)evolve consists of artists Cecilia Germain, Lina El Yafi, Linda Shamma Östrand and Paula Urbano.

The work “Nuances” is part of an ongoing and comprehensive work that deals with how artistic methods can contribute to a more critical and thorough analysis of the debate currently taking place in Sweden on race, Swedish culture and immigrant status. The installation is shown 15 to 29, 2013 at Multicultural center, Black Box MKC in Fittja and displayed as part of the overall exhibition “Beware of race” (“Varning för ras”). The exhibition has been produced with the support of NEC Corporation.

(r)evolve also presents the work “Nuances” by a performance at Stockholm Fringle Fest 2013 (STOFF), 8/21 7:30 pm 2013 in Kulturhuset Stockholm.

More about (r)evolve, see website  www.r-evolve.se

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Exhibition at:

Multicultural Center in Fittja,  Aug. 5 to 29 2013.

Stockholm Fringle Fest 2013 (STOFF), Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Aug. 21 2013.

In September, the video work “Nuances” is followed by the sound work “Nuances 2” displayed on Culture Night (Kulturnatten) in Uppsala Sep. 14 2013.

Culture Night Uppsala