Performance at Modern Dance Theater, Stockholm

ON MAY 23, I WILL PERFORM a work at Modern Dance Theater (MDT) where I, along with Mario Romero, researcher in visualization technology at KTH, and Jörgen Lindskog, filmmaker, show an initial version of project “Functional silence”. A journal based on the work will also be published in a publication issued by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the spring of 2013.

MDT is an international co-production platform and a leading venue for contemporary choreography and performance situated in a reconstructed torpedo workshop in the Stockholm city center. MDT has since 1986 supported and collaborated with Swedish and international emerging artists. Read more about MDT on their website:

Performance shown May 23, 18.00, Slupskjupsvägen 30 (close to the Museum of Modern Art), Stockholm, Sweden.
Picture: Modern Dance Theater (MDT), Stockholm, Sweden 2013.