“ÄGD”, Studio 44

PROJECT OWNED (ÄGD) ARRANGE A SECOND EXHIBITION at Studio44 in Stockholm. Project aim to change and renew our understanding of local history and cultural identity. Participating artists portrays and explores issues of identity and belonging and about being “owned”. The of my works shown are “Home ground (Hemmaplan)” and “Bird’s Nest””. Project managers of the exhibition are Annastina Erlandsson, Christina Goethesson, and Po Hagström. Participating artists: Åsa Elieson, Anna Stina Erlandsson, Christina Göthesson, Po Hagström, Karin Häll, Mari Kretz, Oscar Lara, Makode Linde, Christian Partos, Linda Shamma Östrand.

The exhibition opened on March 8 at 18-22 with bar. 
Jan Nordwall, Secretary General of the Swedish Local Heritage Federation inaugurated the exhibition. Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 12-18, Saturday – Sunday 12-16, (Easter Weekend March 28 to 31 = closed). Address: Tjärhovsgatan 44 in Stockholm

Exhibition has been supported by: the City of Stockholm (Stockholm stad), ABF Stockholm. Thanks to the National Museum, Museum of Modern Art, East Asian a museum (Östasiatiska Museet).

On March 20, 2013, the first seminar in the years around the questions: What is homeland? What is identity? What role can art and artistic practices play in relation to these issues? Participating speakers included Annika Enqvist, curator, Rebecca Lettevall, associate professor at Södertörn University, Dennis Dahlquist, critic and curator, and Christopher Svenberg, artist. Moderator of the seminar was Po Hagström, artist and curator.

Public artist’s talks in which participating artists talk about their work will take place in exhibition venue April 7 at 15.00.


Pictures: Sculpture, “Home ground” (“Hemmaplan”) and “Bird’s Nest”.