Radio talk at P3 Kultur

P3 KULTUR SUFFERING monarchy begins “för Sverige – i tiden” (borrowed slogan). The program calls for the rethinking of the royalist souvenir industry by inviting four designers and contemporary artists to produce more modern memorabilia for a princess’s wedding. Inspired by the royal wedding in 2010 between the Swedish Princess Victoria and her fiancé Daniel Westling, I was invited by Swedish Radio, P3 Kultur, to design a prototype for the wedding series. The object was then used as the basis for a panel discussion where I, in conversation with Patrik Söderstam, Mia Lindgren and David Frimark, talked about the products made for the Royal Wedding.

The program was broadcast on July 15 by Johanna Koljonen and is available on the Swedish Radio’s website.

Picture: Interview by Swedish Radio, P3 Kultur Linda Shamma Östrand and Patrik Söderstam, photography by Tommie Jönsson. Right: Plate, representing the Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel in a new bottling made in preparation of the talk.