Workshop at Tornbladsinstitutet “Our inexorable quest for originals”, Lund

LUND UNIVERSITY IS ORGANIZING a workshop that moves between medical history and art history to explore all that was left after the daily work on Tornbladsinstitutet, an embryologic institution founded in Lund 1931. The purpose of the workshop is to develop a greater understanding of the collection, and enable further research on the material.

Starting point for discussions during the workshop “All that was left” revolves around  the material which has been preserved at Tornbladsinstitutet, which consists of a large collection where fetuses from many animals, including humans, can be compared with each other and over time. The collections represent a unique research materials should be made available to researchers both domestically and internationally.

Together with Frida Hållander, artist Ph.D. student at Konstfack, I will highlight some reflections on the collection. During the presentation – “Our inexorable quest for original shapes” – we will talk about Tornbladinstitiuets material on the basis of our own background and the artistic practice that we conduct.

Read more about the event in the program which can be downloaded at Lund University’s calendar.

Organizer and contact person is Adam Brenthel (Ph.D), Art History and Visual Studies, Department of Cultural Sciences, Lund University.


Picture: Images of embryos from the Tornbladsinstitute’s collections.Left; ape, Right: human, Photo: Malin E Nilsson©