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Photo: Joe Sundelin

By going to a portrait photographer with my parents, a mother from Sweden and a father from Palestine, I investigate cultural hybridity related to my own identity. The project aim to question when that one becomes a part of a culture, and the premises on which this agreement comes about.

In “Cultural tourism” I use as a starting point my own position to explore and articulate an unformulated state or condition. In this case, I am the median between my parents, a mother from Sweden and a father from Palestine who have long been separated and live in different places. For one hour we spent time with a traditional portrait photographer where we exchanged clothing and alternated positions with each other. The title refers to cultural trips, a form of sightseeing that offers an individual to take advantage and participate in a culture with which he or she is integrated in.

The work has been exhibited at Vårsalongen 2009, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm and thereafter at several other places to shed light on issues related to cultural identity and belonging.

Articles on the project 

Mårtens, Ann, ”Dog, fox or camel?”, interview in Konstperspektiv, 2010-09-10.