“ÄGD”– an art project on local history and identity, Lerkrogen, Älvsjö

ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 20 inaugurated the art exhibition ÄGD – an art project on local history and identity” in which I participate with “Through aperiodic mosaic,” a new site-specific work. More information about the work will also be displayed on my website in December 2012. Until then you can read an article about the work and the exhibition written by newspaper “Mitti Söderort” or visit the project website.

The exhibition is organized by ÄGD, a project run by Stina Erlandsson and Christina Göthesson that seeks to change and renew our understanding of local history are, based on the cultural situation we are in today. “Hembygdsgården” symbolizes the Swedish cultural heritage. Based on contemporary art and its various forms of expression, as well as workshops and texts are artists, philosophers and writers to portray and explore issues of identity and belonging, the local area and being owned. ÄGD carried out in collaboration with Ateljéföreningen Turbinen, Brännkyrka & Hägerstens Hembygdsföreningar, Studiefrämjandet Stockholm and Sveriges Hembygdsförbund. With support from Stockholms kommun, kulturförvaltningen, Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden.

Participating artists in ÄGD 2012 are; Åsa Elieson, Anna Stina Erlandsson, Christina Göthesson, Po Hagström, Karin Häll, Mari Kretz, Oscar Lara, Makode Linde, Christian Partos and Linda Shamma Östrand. Writers involved is Magnus Bons, art critic, Nicholas Smith, associate professor of philosophy at Södertörn University, Tove Stenius, Lund University and Nathalie Alvarez Mesen.

The exhibition runs from 20 to 28 October 2012 at the community center Lerkrogen, Götalandsvägen 224 (next to the train station Älvsjö). On Sunday the 28th of October you can also listen to the Artist Talk where artists talk about the work behind the work and the project. For more information on opening times, events and contacts please visit the ÄGD:s website: info@konst-och-hembygd.se.



Picture: Glass Installation “Through aperiodic mosaic” (“Genom aperiodisk mosaik”). Photo: David Lindberg, 2012.